11 Tips for Traveling to Bali by Traveller

Tips for Traveling to Bali by Traveller. Bali is an island part of Indonesia. Bali is a favourite destination of tourists from various countries in the world.

The island that has a beautiful beach and nature is no exception with a culture that will not meet elsewhere.

However, going to Bali can be very easy if you have information about Bali.

Here is 11 tips must to know before you traveling to Bali, from how to get around, what to wear, what to do, everything you need to know for your first trip to Bali.

Tips for Traveling to Bali by Traveller
Tips for Traveling to Bali by Traveller (Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash)

Here is 11 Tips for traveling to Bali – Best advice by traveller

1. Best time to visit Bali

The best time to visit Bali it’s on low season is the deserted holiday season of visitors, and if you want a cost-effective vacation, low season is the right time because the prices of tickets and hotels in Bali become very cheap.

Holiday in the low season also very enjoyable because the atmosphere or holiday place you will be lonely visitors. You can more freely if you want to travel by rent a car in bali with driver to visit tourist attractions in Bali without finding traffic jam.

You should be aware that Low Season in Bali is generally in January to mid-May and October to mid-December.

High season is the peak season of the high season holiday season in Bali. Starting in June until September at because this month in Bali is summer season and coinciding with school holidays in some countries.

While at this time it will be difficult to find accommodation with cheap price and certainly if you are on holiday in high season season will be a little crowded in some favourite places in Bali.

2. Visa to visit Bali

From the middle of 2015, the Indonesian Government has adopted a visa exemption policy, citizens from 169 countries can visit Indonesia visa free for 30 days.

While visa on arrival is valid for others at USD 35, the visa on arrival can be extended once. Bali Visa on arrival or also referred to as (VoA) has become a major visa, most tourists have used this visa to visit Bali, Indonesia.

Visas are provided to foreigners with a 5 (five) year visa validity period to stay in Indonesia at least 60 days.

Visa upon arrival which is given to foreigners to stay in Indonesia for a period of 30 days.Indonesia the longest of 60 days.

Visa upon arrival which is given to foreigners to stay in Indonesia for a period of 30 days.

3. Transportation in Bali

Traveling around Bali is relatively easy in more touristy areas like Legian, Kuta and Seminyak.

Taxis are everywhere and they will honk or say Taxi taxi to show you that they are free. If you do not want to bargain, just use Bluebird taxi and the driver will put on the meter once you enter.

If you want to freely explore the island of Bali you could try renting a scooter/motorbike for the usual fare of about 60,000 Rupiah approximately 4 USD for 24 hours and start Touring around Bali to find the best way to explore Bali.

Remember to drive on the left and that there is no gas station in the countryside, just a roadside stall that sells gasoline from the bottle.

Easy way to get transfers from Bali airport to hotel is by booking airport transfers via Internet or to arrange your Hotel stay to pick you up. They will be waiting with your name sign upon arrival.

4. Clothing

In Bali, you can wear whatever you usually wear on holidays, such as t-shirts and shorts.

But when visiting the temple you have to wear a holster or in Bali we call “Kamen” also belt in Bali we call “Srempot”.

But do not worry, if you forgot to bring one you usually temple in Bali they already provide a free holster for visitors.

5. ATM in Bali

ATM can be easily met in Bali. But what I will discuss is the ATM that can support for foreign cards.

You can withdraw money from the ATM with the least nominal option is IDR 50,000 and IDR 100,000 maximum of money you can take is IDR 2 million.

If you want to withdraw money from ATM in Bali maybe you could try one of the few banks that I mentioned such as: BNI Bank, Permata Bank, Mandiri Bank, Bca Bank.

6. Tipping in Bali

Tipping in Bali is not mandatory and the amount you will give is entirely up to you.

Tips are not expected, but will be greatly appreciated and will put a smile on the face of someone who has served you.

With you have been giving good grades to their service then they have been pleased. In the end these are all your personal decisions and are all based on your personal circumstances.

7. Get a Local Simcard

Most hotels, restaurants,cafe and attractions in Bali have free Wi-Fi, you just need to ask for a password to connected.

You can also get a local Simcard when you land at the airport. The use of local Simcard I strongly recommend because it is more convenient to access the Internet when you do not have WiFi facility and of course to avoid excessive global roaming charges from your operator.

8. Religion And Culture

”Island with thousand Temples “is another name for the island of Bali because about eighty percent of the population in Bali adheres to Hindu religion.

The religion and culture in Bali is something that can’t be separated. If you go to the temple and during the ceremony, you will see Bali wearing traditional clothes.

Religious rituals occur every day and are performed every home and in each family temple. Beautiful and unique prayers and offerings are made.

Every day in the morning or evening if you walk along the road you will find Bali doing the offerings by placing “Canang”.

Canang is an offering made of coconut leaves with square-shaped flowers with some color, daily offerings made by Hindu Bali as a symbol of gratitude to God.

9. Learn a few Local Words

Visit a country and can communicate even though only a few words in the local language will have a distinctive impression for you and no exception Bali.

While most people will speak English to communicate with you. Perhaps some of these basic words you can use for a day of the day such as: Terima kasih is thank you, selamat pagi is a good morning and tolong is help.

10. Rent car with driver in Bali more cheaper than taxi

If you don’t know the way and don’t want to drive maybe you can hire car with driver which is pretty cheap around $20-$40 and you can go anywhere you like.

Taxis are also reasonably cheap here though you have to bargain first sometimes as people here will definitely try to charge you more than you need to pay.

11. Accommodation in Bali

The most important thing for your holiday is knowing the best area for your stay in Bali. Choosing a good accommodation is crucial where you can find cheap hotels close to the centre of the city and high quality if you know what to look for.

However, before you look for the best accommodation deals in Bali, I advise you to make an itinerary while in Bali although not a big island of Bali has many interesting places.

That’s 11 tips before traveling to Bali, which can be your reference.

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