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7 Best Must Things to Do in Bali

As a beautiful and glorious island located in Indonesia, Bali is an awesome destination for people who want to seek for an unforgettable journey.

Bali has the real beauty of the nature that you can’t find in any other part of the world.

The beauty and the unique original cultures and traditions make it a famous island worldwide.

7 Best Must Things to Do in Bali
7 Best Must Things to Do in Bali (Photo by Ern Gan on Unsplash)

If you plan to visit Bali shortly, find out the information about things to do in Bali is the right first move that you need to consider from now on.

Well, actually as a famous and popular island that well-known as the islands of the gods, Bali provides many splendid activities to do for people worldwide when staying on the island.

Therefore, you should not worry to feel boring while staying there.

Here it is more detailed information about things to do in Bali as your fascinating references.

The Top Captivating Things to Do in Bali

Bali is one of the top enchanting islands which is truly well-known among people worldwide because of rich in natural beauty and original tradition and culture as well.

A wide range of superb activities are available here to be enjoyed by people widely starts from indoor attractions, challenging outdoor activities in the middle of nature, sacred ceremonies, and many more.

Well, let’s figure out more detailed about things to do in Bali information as follows:

1. Relish the beauty of natural rice terrace in Tegalalang – Bali

See the beauty of nature should be rare to find in big cities lifestyles. If you are getting tired of your hectic routines, come to Bali and back to nature can be the best recommendation to do.

In an area called Tegalalang – Bali, you can relish the beauty of nature formed in green rice terraces with fresh air.

It is the best-recommended place to visit for people who want to refresh their weary mind and reach back their inner peace.

2. See a delightful natural waterfall in Sekumpul Village

Another fabulous recommendation about things to do in Bali is seeing a delightful natural waterfall. Well, people can find waterfalls in any other place.

However, what makes it different here, the waterfall in Sekumpul Village Bali seems a real natural gem alike.

The meeting point of a natural waterfall and sunshine on it truly performthe appearance of a gorgeous rainbow on the bottom part of the waterfall.

Plus, it is surrounded by magnificent natural sceneries that will make you truly enjoy such a heavenly view.

3. Feel a freshen feeling in Diamond Beach in Nusa Penida – Bali Island

Visiting Nusa Penida in Bali Island is another reference regarding things to do in Bali.

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You can enjoy a splendid beach here called a Diamond Beach. The beach presents an amazing silk appearance of blue water where green palm trees are available on the pleasing limestone cliff.

Besides, the sunshine and fresh coastal air are also presented perfectly for you while enjoying the beauty of the beach itself.

4. Learn to live in nature with friendly local people

For people who usually live in developed countries where all sectors of human life have been advanced, living a life in nature with a countryside lifestyle could be a challenging stuff to do.

Well, included in things to do in Bali, explore the living lifestyle of Balinese people will be the best chance for you to understand their culture which rich in the hidden secret of religious aspects to the gods.

5. Feel the cooler atmosphere of Bali in Munduk Area

Do you want to know how it feels to live in an area where you can see a mountain in the middle of coastal areas?.

If you do, then, Munduk Area in Bali Island can be the perfect destination to go.

Many things to do in Bali can be done by you here in this area with the cooler atmosphere.

In this area, you can even find the hidden water temple that is an incredible unique temple rather than other ordinary temples you have ever seen.

The best recommendation to visit this hidden water temple is in the morning where the air is still totally fresh.

You will experience to stay in a heavenly water palace, then.

6. Grab your board and get ready to surfing

The beauty of the beaches in Bali has been well-known worldwide where people also can do surfing perfectly.

One of the most perfect beaches for people to start surfing is Kuta Beach, Bali Island.

Surfing in Kuta Beach – Bali Island is the top recommended things to do in Bali that you shouldn’t miss.

The wind, the wave, the sun, and the beach itself will let you experience the best surfing activity ever.

7. Climbing adorable limestone in Uluwatu Cliff

Climbing is also included as the top best things to do in Bali.

If you are a person who loves to blend with nature through challenging outdoor activity, climbing awesome limestone at the Uluwatu Cliff is highly recommended.

When you reached the top of the cliff, you can see the magnificent sunset above the beauty of the blue Indian Ocean view.

This incredible limestone cliff is a 70-meter height that good enough for you to train your physical strength in the middle of heavenly nature.

Those are the top best things to do in Bali for your references. You can choose which one of them that suitable for you the most.

Arrange your holiday plan from now on, and when the time comes, you can visit this magnificent island of the gods.

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