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18 Tourist attractions in Bali – Best to visit

Bali is known by tourists from all over the world and local tourists because of its culture, besides Bali also has many interesting tourist spots such as temples, waterfall, rice terrace, beaches and there are many other things you can do in Bali. Adding some of the best tourist attractions in Bali to your itinerary is highly recommended, so it can make your holiday in Bali memorable.

Garuda wisnu kencana (GWK)

Garuda wisnu kencana or people call it GWK is one of the cultural tourism park located in South Bali. GWK Tourism Object Bali is identical with the statue of Garuda wisnu kencana, which in Bali god Vishnu serves as the God-Keeper of the universe and its contents.

Garuda wisnu kencana is the famous tourist attractions in bali
Garuda Wisnu Kencana cultural park

Has an area of 240 hectares makes GWK often used as a place to hold events in Bali, the main attraction of the GWK is a statue of God Vishnu which has a height of 121 meters, in addition there is also a theater that holds a Balinese dance performance

In addition to being one of the best tourist attractions in Bali, GWK has also been selected as a venue for a number of prestigious world-scale events in Bali such as the IMF World Bank event in the year 2018.

Padang Padang Beach

Padang Padang Beach is located in Pecatu Village, every year in June until August the beach is always used to hold an international surfring competition that is followed by surfers from various countries.

padang padang pecatu
Padang Padang Beach

Padang Padang Beach is also known because it has blue clear water and has white sand to reach this beach you will pass the road that is located between the cliffs Padang Beach is also selected as a place to filming Eat Pray Love that is matched by artist Julia Robert

Sacred Mongkey Forest Ubud

Sacred monkey forest Ubud is a nature reserve and temple complex located in central of ubud, this place is also home to long-tailed monkey colonies, in this area is inhabited by hundreds of monkey species long-tailed the conservation area of sacred mongkey Forest in governance by the Government.

sacred mongkey forest
Sacred Mongkey Forest Ubud

Mongkey forest ubud is one of the best tourist attractions in Bali, this is because the monkeys in this place is not as aggressive as elsewhere have an area of 12.5 hectares this forest is also home to hundreds of species of trees.

There are three temples in the area mongkey forest ubud namely pura dalem agung padang tegal, Pura Beji and Pura Prajapati which is still in use by the inhabitants of the neighborhood.

Tegalalang rice terrace

The Tegalalang Rice Terrace is an attractive place and many tourists visit. For foreign tourists who want to see terraced rice fields that have a system of irrigation in Bali called Subak.

tegalalang rice padi field
Tegalalang Rice terrace

Tegalalang is one of the rice fields in Ubud, this place also has some of the best spots to take pictures also there is a swing that has a height of about 10 meters which became the most attraction interest by tourists.

Other attraction that is offered this place is the access that you can use to trekking around the rice terrace and directly meet the farmers.

Pengelipuran village

Penglipuran Village is one of the villages located in Bangli Regency, this village is managed both by the local community so that this village become one of the tourist attractions in Bali that has uniqueness, this because the village community is still running and preserving traditional Balinese culture in their lives.

pengelipuran village is traditional tourist attractions in Bali
Pengelipuran Village

This village is famous as one of the villages that maintains the concept of building architecture and land processing still follow the motto of Tri Hita Karana, this is the philosophy of Balinese people about the balance of relationship between God, human, and environment

The village has received many awards both nationally and internationally because of its authentic condition as well as the cleanliness of the village very well maintained.

Tenganan village

Tenganan is a traditional village located in East Bali, namely in Manggis District, Karangasem Regency. About 6 kilometers from central tourism of Candi Dasa.

Tenganan Village is one of the three villages of Bali Aga that is owned by the island of Bali, Bali Aga has the meaning of the village that still maintains a living pattern whose society refers to the traditional rules of the village that inherited their ancestors.

pengelipuran pegeringsingan
Tenganan Pegringsingan

Tenganan Village consists of two namely Tenganan Pegringsingan Village and Dauh Tukad, form and large building and yard, setting the layout of the building, to the location of the temple is made by following the existing regulations.

Traditional village of Tenganan has a tradition that you can still meet until today the tradition is Mekare-kare or often known as Pandanus war, this tradition was held once a year in early of June and become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bali.

Trunyan Village

Trunyan Village is the village of one of Bali Aga villages in Bali, located east side of Lake Batur, to go to trunyan Village You must use a boat crossing the shores of Lake Batur around 45 minutes.

The uniqueness of this village is their way of burying dead people there are 3 cemeteries that are allotment for 3 different types of death namely:

trunyan village
Trunyan Village

Sema Wayah

The villagers of Trunyan were buried in Sema Wayah when died naturally, the body would be covered in white cloth, and then placed without being buried under a large tree named Taru Menyan.

Sema Bantas

The Villagers of trunyan  were buried in Sema Bantas when they died unnaturally, such as accidents, suicide, or murdered people, the body would be placed ii sema bantas.

Sema Muda

Sema Muda is used to bury infants and young children, or adults who are not married.

The explanation is why the body that is placed neatly in the Trunyan cemetery village grave is not causing the smell because of the tree Taru Menyan that can produce a fragrant smell and able to neutralize the foul smell of the body. Taru means tree, the Menyan means fragrant.

The tree of Taru Menyan only grows in this area. So Taru menyan known as Terunyan in the origin of the village name. Therefore the village of terunyan is a tourist attractions in Bali that is full of uniqueness.


The main tourist attraction in Kintamani is the natural view of Mount Batur with lake. Located at an altitude of 1500 masl, the view of Mount Batur can be seen from the Penelokan Road as the place that has been provided in the penelokan village for tourists who want to get the best view of Mount Batur.

kintamani batur
Penelokan Kintamani

From the penelokan village, visitors can enjoy the natural scenery of the mountain and Lake Batur. Because it is no wonder if most tourists will do photo activity with the background of the mountain and Lake Batur.

Having mountain and lake views makes Kintamani the most interested tourist attractions in Bali. Mount Batur is a volcano that has been inactive, Mount Batur first erupted in the year 1804 and the last eruption occurred in 2000.

Besakih Temple

Besakih Temple or known by the name of Mother Temple is the biggest temple in Bali Pura Besakih is the center of the whole temple in Bali.

Besakih temple consist of 1 center temple that is named Pura Penataran Agung Besakih and there are 18 accompanying temples that are around from Pura Penataran Agung Besakih. 1 Basukian temple and 17 other temples.

Besakih temple best tourist attractions in east bali
Besakih Temple

The concept of the construction of Besakih temple based on Tri Hita Kirana is the important belief of Balinese Hindu, this is the philosophy of Balinese people about the balance of relationship between God, human, and environment. So the human life in Bali is peaceful.

Bedugul Botanical Garden

Being one of the tourist attractions in Bali Bedugul Botanical Garden offers the beauty of the garden in a fresh mountain air bandage plus a view of Lake Bratan add to the attraction presented.

botanical garden bedugul
Bedugul Botanical Garden

The Bedugul Botanic Gardens in the district has an area of 157.5 hectares there are various attractions such as Tree Top, Spider Nets, Suspended bridges, Tarzan Jumps, Flying-Fox and Flying Swings, this place you can visit if you have a plan for Bedugul tours.

The Bedugul Botanical Garden is located in the candi kuning village about 2 kilometers away from Lake Bratan Bedugul.


Lovina is one area located in West Bali namely Singaraja, Lovina in known by tourists as the best place to see Dolphin Dolphin, in this place dolphins are allowed to live freely and get fully protected from local government.

lovina dolphin tour
Dolphin in Lovina

By renting a local fishing boat, we can get close to the dolphins but this attraction can only be done in the morning because the group of dolphins will appear to the surface to find food.

Tegenungan waterfall

Tegenungan waterfall is located in Tegenungan village, Sukawati District, Gianyar regency. Tegenungan waterfall has a height about 15 meters, making the Tegenungan waterfall as one of the waterfalls near Ubud. It made many tourists who come to this tourist site.

tegenungan waterfall ubud
Tegenungan Waterfall

Being one of the favorite tourist attractions in Bali makes the government to give more attention to the waterfall of Tegenungan, this can be seen from the complete facilities contained in the waterfall Tegenungan.

To reach the waterfall from the parking lot you have to go down through the stairs that are well arranged, you also have to walk along the riverbank to see a waterfall from a closer distance.


Amed is located in the eastern island of Bali precisely in Abang sub district, Karangasem regency. Amed is known as one of the best underwater tourist destinations and has a pristine reef spot.

amed best tourist attractions in Bali karangasem

One of the underwater tourist spots in Amed is Jemeluk. Divers use traditional boat boats to reach them, in this place you can find turtles, various corals and stingrays along with beautiful coral reefs.

For those of you who have more expertise in diving, you can also try an underwater tour located in Tulamben, about 10 kilometers from Amed, Tulamben has a famous dive spot called the Uss Liberty shipwreck is an American warship that is drowned and is currently home to a variety of fish species.

Bali safari marine park

Bali Safari Marine Park is located in Gianyar is a family tourism place is an environmentally sound zoo that is also a conservation institution.

bali safari gianyar
Bali Safari And Marine Park

Bali Safari uses the concept of safari, this makes wildlife like being in its natural habitat, Bali Safari & Marine Park also called by the name of Bali Safari Park this is a one of the tourist attractions in bali.

Bali Safari Marine Park built on an area of 40 hectares, there are various species of rare animals that come from 3 countries such as Indonesia, India and Africa.

Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot is a Hindu temple located in Tabanan Regency, this temple stands on huge rocks on the beach lips. In Bali language Tanah have means the land and Lot means sea, so Tanah Lot is a land located in the middle of the sea.

tanah lot temple bali
Tanah Lot Temple

According to the place, the temple is given the name Tanah Lot temple There are two temples that are above the rock cliffs that are located on the beach. Both temples overlook the ocean off the Indian Ocean.

The history of Pura Tanah Lot Tabanan is thought to be built in the 16th century by a Ascetics named Dang Hyang Nirartha. Then Dang Hyang Nirartha built a temple on the rock the purpose of the construction of Tanah Lot temple is to worship the god Baruna by the Balinese people in believing as the sea god.

Jatiluwih Rice terrace

Jatiluwih is located in Penebel, Tabanan regency. Located at a height of 700 masl, Jatiluwih is in the mountains of Batu Karu make Jatiluwih as one of the tourist attractions in Bali, that many visited by tourists who want to see the natural beauty of Bali rice fields.

jatiluwih tabanan rice padi field
Jatiluwih Rice Terrace Tabanan

Most of jatiluwih area is a terraced rice field area, has an area of about 636 hectares, making jatiluwih as the largest area for views of terraced rice fields in Bali.

Irrigation systems used are rice fields jatiluwih is the irrigation of Subak, which is a traditional Balinese irrigation system, jatiluwih has been certified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Angsri hot Spring

Angsri Hot spring attraction is located about 7 kilometers from the tourist attraction jatiluwih precisely in the village Angseri Springs Baturiti District, Tabanan regency.

angsri hot spring
Angsri Hot Spring

Angsri Hot Spring is one of the hot spring pond in Tabanan area, there are some hot water pond in this place, Angseri springs hot water tourism objects also have a view of rice terraces.

The location of Angseri hot springs is among the bamboo forest, the hot water in the pond comes from natural hot springs and contains sulfur.

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple is one of instagramable tourist attractions in Bali and is always visited by various tourists from various countries and local.

uluwatu temple sunset
Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu temple is located on top of Limestone hill with a height of about 97 meters above the sea level of the Indian Ocean, Pura Luhur Uluwatu has an important role in Bali as a temple 9 wind eyes or also known as the Pura Sad Kayangan Jagat.

Pura Uluwatu is used to worship the Holy priest, Dang Hyang Nirartha, who came to Bali at the end of the year 1550 and ended his temple journey with the so-called Moksa in this place.

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